Krystonia Collector's Archive

badass collection

I believe this is the complete run of Phargol Horn newsletters from the collector's club.

All Newsletters in ZIP file (this is about a 180mb file)

Note: Issue 70 was misprinted as issue 71, giving us 2 different 71's.

Issue 01 Initial Issue - Graffyn intro, Key, Pultzr, 1989 retirements, "Snowballs", Book 2
Issue 02 Rueggan intro, Pultzr, 1990 new pieces, 1990 Shows, Minis, Classic Moments #1, book 2
Issue 03 Shepf intro, 1990 retirements, Collector Shows, new snowglobes, "How To Pronounce Names" guide, Koozl story
Issue 04 Stoope intro (3 pages), 2nd year membership, West Coast Collector's Show, Myzer Story, fairly incomplete "checklist"
Issue 05 Wodema intro, 1991 new pieces, Long Beach collector's show, Club 2nd year, Snowballs/Plaques, Secondary Market Values, from the factory story
Issue 06 Turfen intro, South Bend show, Photos of Dave & Pat, more pronunciations, 1991 retirements, 2nd year club, From the factory N'Borg
Issue 07 Moplos story, 1991 new pieces, pic of baby w/collection, Secondary Market, Piece variations, From the factory story
Issue 08 Tulan story (sans signature?), 1992 new pieces, East Coast show, 3rd year club, estimated values of retired pieces circa 1992, Buy Sell Trade
Issue 09 N'Borg Story, 1992 retirements, South Bend Show, 1042b small groc, Q&A, Club, From the Factory, Buy/Sell/Trade section, photos wanted
Issue 10 Flayla story, Fall 1992 pieces, From the Factory, Info about early piece variations, Krystonia kid collector, club, Buy/Sell/Trade
Issue 11 Hottlepottle story, Long Beach show, 4th year Club News, from the factory, random collector comments, Word Search, buy sell trade
Issue 12 Pooter Story, 4th year club info, 1993 retirements, Spring Introductions/new pieces, Lands of Krystonia changed to single piece, buy sell trade, from the factory
Issue 13 Jumbly Story, Fall new pieces, word search contest winners, club info, from the factory, buy sell trade
Issue 14 Myzer story, creative displays, Hottlepottle missing fork, 5th year club info, picture of "Haaph" spelled wrong and with wrong number, From the factory, Krystonia Jeopardy, buy sell trade
Issue 15 Shigger story, From the factory, 1994 retirements, 1994 new pieces, Members Only "bonus" waterball, buy sell trade, East Coast show
Issue 16 Gurneyfoot story, Back Issues, Piece variant questions, Club questions, fall retirements, from the factory, free waterball reminder, buy sell trade, jeopardy contest winner
Issue 17 Grackene story, Fair Maidens debut, new pieces/ornaments, 1995 Calendar info, 5th year club info, retired pieces estimated values circa 1994, references to rare variants
Issue 18 Groosh story, Calendar, random q&a, Jan 1995 retirements, 1995 new pieces, Long Beach Show, Funny excuses about the waterballs being garbage, Club info,
Issue 19 Grazzi story, more 1995 retirements, Lithographs, 6th year club, Word jumble, word find
Issue 20 Grickle story, MORE 1995 retirements, story about some kid collector, 1995 ornaments, 4th book info, Safe Passage, info about "Enough is enough" piece, Club Member Plaque dump/offer, corrected word find from previous issue
Issue 21 Ikshar story, retirement info, color flyer in newsletter info, Contest winners, info about other lines, new pieces Okinowathe etc, Plaque dump, Delta w/minis, Kephren message
Issue 22 Ottho story, 1996 new pieces, continued waterball and plaque dump, 1996 retirements, collector Gary Dodd, 7th year club info,
Issue 23
Issue 24
Issue 25
Issue 26
Issue 27
Issue 28 Move to China
Issue 29
Issue 30
Issue 31
Issue 32
Issue 33
Issue 34
Issue 35
Issue 36
Issue 37
Issue 38
Issue 39
Issue 40
Issue 41
Issue 42
Issue 43
Issue 44
Issue 45
Issue 46
Issue 47
Issue 48
Issue 49
Issue 50
Issue 51 Travelling Companions, Naptime
Issue 52
Issue 53 Move to new building, found old stock
Issue 54 Just for me, Yours Truly, Fall Surprise, Big Yawn
Issue 55
Issue 56 Krystonia Jacket & sweatshirt giveaway (?)
Issue 57 Staz, Krystonia 20, Young Leila and Pooter, Okinowathe Meets the Flawgrintawd, Stocking Stuffer, Literacy Project, More Books, The Hitchhiker
Issue 58
Issue 59 We know our website sucks
Issue 60
Issue 61 Intro to "knox" aka gold highlighted pieces: Graffyn/Grunch, Rueggan, Wodema, Tokkel, Owhey, Graffyn's Surprise (green)
Issue 62 Oops this is a scan of #59, sorry
Issue 63 Steppin' Out (red). Off We Go (gold). Final issue containing anything other than "fluff".
Issue 64 All story
Issue 65 All story
Issue 66 All story
Issue 67 Recap of issues 57-66 (??)
Issue 68
Issue 69
Issue 70
Issue 71
Issue 72
Issue 73
Issue 74 Final issue. Page 4 of this is incorrect sorry!