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One of the most frequently asked questions I get in email is "How much are my Krystonia Figurines Worth?" and of course the inevitable follow-up question "How can I sell them?"

Unfortunately - they are probably not much anywhere near the original retail price anymore (other than some rare pieces, of course). The best way to get an idea of a pieces "true value" is to look at the completed auctions. Even though the pieces cost hundreds of dollars originally, 99% of the pieces just do not command anywhere near that much anymore. It's common to see the same pieces listed over and over and over on Ebay for original retail prices, collections listed for thousands of dollars, etc. These auctions always go nowhere.


From time to time, a collection will show up with some rare pieces. The trick is to know what is rare and what is not! In these cases there is sure to be some action on Ebay if you go that route, or possibly making a deal with someone from the facebook group.

Some trends I have found:

- Auctions vs. "Buy It Now" - there really aren't enough people interested in Krystonia anymore for any sort of "bidding war" (unless it is a known rare/desirable piece), so I really don't recommend listing pieces for auction. Items quite often sell for minimum bid if listed this way - it is commonplace to see pieces go for the minimum bid plus shipping, even for first year pieces. Your best bet is to check completed auctions, and see what kind of price range you might expect, and list each item as a fixed price. Also consider selling smaller lots of 2-3 pieces.

- Items without their box and card sell for less than if they are "complete with box and card". People love those drab, ugly boxes. It does make storage easier, I guess.

- Broken/Chipped items generally do not sell.

- There is a small Facebook group of collectors - it has 2-3 people that actually post from time to time, and about 25-30 people that actual read those posts. It is for some reason invite only, so you'll have to ask the owner (not me). If you have a large collection you are trying to sell off, this is probably your best bet. You'll need to make a complete inventory of the pieces, and post your list there.