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In 2007, Panton (mercifully) stopped creating new Krystonia figures. They continued the Collector's Club, offering old back stock with "colored highlights" to members of the club. As far as I can tell, someone (Dave?) simply took some gold/silver paint and painted over the existing paint job. Great way to clear out old inventory but honestly, seems like an awful big rip-off to collectors expecting to get a "unique collectors item".

Initially, there were different colors (red, green) and they painted a lot more - such as making Owhey's egg gold (which admittedly is kind of cool looking). However, as years went on, the "highlights" got more and more minimalistic and sloppy.

As evidenced by the flyers that went out, not a heck of a lot of effort went into these later creations:

2012 Flyer Page 1, 2012 Flyer Page 2, 2012 Flyer Page 3