Krystonia Collector's Archive

Rough Krystonia Timeline
1986 - Krystonia is pitched to Precious Arts/Panton by Beau Dix/Mark Scott. At the time Precious Arts/Panton known for making music boxes and carousel horses. Precious Arts would continue to sell various lines seperately. Many of the original piece designs were altered to make production easier, these early pieces are known as "pre-production" pieces and were sold with the revised versions until the original stock was depleted. My best guess is anywhere between 10-250 of each "pre-production" piece was made and sold.

1987 - Krystonia is released to retail stores.

1988 - Some sort of legal battle where Beau Dix loses control of the Krystonia name. Panton takes over. Mark Scott continues to work with Panton on creating the books.

1989 - Waterglobes and Plaques made in Taiwan. They are terrible quality. Many, many returns.

1990 - Collectors Club started

1991 - First Miniatures

1993 - First Color Variant of production piece sold at events only (Red Tag). Probably done in response to the accidental Wodema purple variant, which had caused very enthusiastic collector response.

1994 - First Fair Maiden piece

1994 - First Ornaments

1994 - First "Event Only" piece that was not sold through stores (Big Event)

1995 - First (and only) calendar

1995 - First (and only) lithographs

1997 - First "Event Only" piece with color variant for club members only (Blue Stoopy)

1997 - Final England pieces and "Dragon Babies In Diapers"

1998 - Production Moved to China.

1999 - Newer waterglobes. Better than 1991 versions, probably different manufacturer?

1999-2000 - Oddly, no variants or color variations offered

2001 - Wizards Council pieces only sold at select stores

2001 - Back to 1 Event Only piece, 1 Event Only color variant (club only) and 1 Event only Production Color Variant

2002 - Switched "Event Only color variant" to "Club Gift - Color Variant". Both were offerered to club members only

2003 - Very few retail stores left selling Krystonia, starts offering pieces for sale via club.

2004 - Changed to much smaller scale pieces.

2004 - Switched to different manufacturing material - much more "plasticy"??

2005 - Very noticable drop in quality of pieces

2006 - Final original pieces sold

2007-2013 - New Old Stock (NOS) sold with gold and silver "paint highlights". Occiasionally sold with non-krystonia pieces from Precious Arts other lines (Tuth-Peck, Mouse and Cheese).

2013 - Dave Woodward retires and the line ends. No formal annoucement given to club members/newsletters/remaining stores.