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Fixing a Snowglobe (by James Proctor)

I decided to change the water in my Trumph snow globe. I jumped onto YouTube of course and became an expert in minutes!

Tools: butter knife
Materials: Distilled water, liquid glycerine, silicon calking, extra glitter if desired.

1. Pry the music apparatus from the bottom (very easy, just lightly glued)

2. Pry the old silicon and stopper away from the sides and pull up.

3. Empty the old water with snow and glitter on a paper towel over a bowl to catch the stuff.

4. Rinse the stuff a few times and let settle.

5. Repaint the white on the cheap as crap figurine with glossy oil based white paint. Let dry.

6. Wipe down the inside of the globe

7. Invert the globe on a large cup

8. Fill with distilled water and 1Tbs of glycerine (slows the snowfall a bit)

9. Push stopper with figurine back in place

10. seal with bathroom caulk silicon.

11. replace the music apparatus and glue shut with craft glue.

Et voilĂ  - a clear snow globe!