Krystonia Collector's Archive

Obsevations on early piece size variants

From 1987-1991, Krystonia characters sometimes came in varying sizes (Small, Medium or Large). The poses could be similar or completely different.

There doesn't really seem to be any logic or rule as to what constitues "Large" etc, e.g. "Large" Groc is much smaller than "Medium" Tulan. Sometimes one of the three sizes was missing entirely. I wonder if maybe they had pieces planned for those missing sizes, but they never made it to production? I suppose the idea was to offer more affordable characters to people who couldn't afford the larger versions. I remember seeing the Large Krak N'Borg and Large Moplos at the Wicks 'n' Sticks in Ann Arbor and could not believe how crazy expensive they were!

They abandoned the concept of "one piece, multiple sizes" after 1991 - the same year they started selling the Miniatures.

Small/Medium/Large (all 3 sizes made)
- Stoope 1987
- Wodema 1987
- Rueggan 1987
- Krak N'Borg 1987
- N'Grall 1988
- Tarnhold 1989

Small/Medium pieces (no Large made)
- Turfen 1987
- Tulan 1989

Medium/Large pieces (no Small made)
- Moplos 1987
- Shepf 1987

Small/Large pieces (no Medium made)
- Graffyn on Grunch 1987
- Groc 1987
- N'Borg 1987
- Myzer 1987
- N'Chakk 1988
- N'Tormet 1988
- N'Borg's Throne 1990
- Grunch's Toothache 1991
- Groosh 1991