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This text was taken from an Geocities site circa 1999-2000 ran by "Poffles" - kind of sad, you can see the beginning of the end.

February 20, 1999
Major news announcement. I talked with Dave from Precious Arts (the co-founder of Krystonia) and he told me that they will be putting up a full blown web site this summer. He is hoping that they get it up and running by mid summer, but it will probably go up toward the end of summer. What is the address you ask? Dave said that they are in talks with The Limited Edition to get back He said they own the copyright and will have the web site name. There will be at least three sections to the web site. One will be the regular section as you enter. the second will be a members only section that you will need to log into. the third will be a store only section for stores that sell Krystonia. It will be updated frequently and will be very detailed. An official announcement could come as early as the first week of March. This is when they expect the next newsletter to go out. Also, the new pieces will be out to stores at the end of March. Dave would not give me any details about them. He stated that we would all have to wait for the next newsletter to find out.

I hope this is exciting news for people. It should be nice to have an official web site to go to for information on shows and to get the latest news. Watch here for more information. I will try to get more details as they give them out. E-mail me with any comments or questions you may have at

March 9, 1999
For those of you who shop on E-Bay, I have made a deal with RPICKS123@AOL.COM. He is putting up some Krystonia plaques on E-bay. In exchange for a mention on this page, he is giving all high bidders $1.00 off their bid if they mention I (Greg's Krystonia Page) refered them. So go to www.EBAY.COM, bid on RPICK123@AOL.COM's Krystonia plaques, mention you saw this announcement and save one dollar off your bid.
March 22, 1999
Newsletter has finally arrived. Not alot of news but they do have the new pieces. Check out the link below for the Spring 1999 selections. Six new pieces and 4 new waterballs. Plus a new Collectors Club piece and members only piece. These are great. Make sure you check them out.
April 4, 1999
I have added a guest book for you to sign in on and to ask questions on. I have been getting a lot of requests about store locations, color picture questions, where can I get... etc. Here is a place to post those questions so that the entire Krystonia collecting community will see them and can reply to them. I love getting your E-mails, but some of the time I just don't know the answers. Here is a place many people can go to and read your questions and post answers to them. I hope you enjoy this feature. Please feel free to continue to E-mail me. I try to answer all E-mails in a timely manner.
I also want to thank Missy for sending me pictures of the Lithographs and the red Tulan. This made a great addition to the Krystonia list. I am trying to make this list as accurate as possible and am including all the Krystonia related items, like the calendar, lithographs and pins. Please check it out. Thanks again Missy. If you have pictures of a rare or unlisted Krystonia item, or have a special display of your Krystonia pieces and wouldn't mind it being posted for others enjoyment, please send me a picture via E-mail or E-mail me about it.

May 6, 1999
I have added a news section, as you know cause you are reading it. I have also added a rare pieces section. Please, if you know of or have any rare Krystonia pieces (not the normal regular releases) let me know about them so that I can post them here. If you happen to have pictures of them, they would be much appreciated. My email is And lastely, I have added a store section. This is a listing of stores that currently sell Krystonia. Please E-mail me with stores in your area and I will add them. There are so many people who need to find stores that sell Krystonia. I know that here in the bay area of California, more stores stop selling Krystonia every year. It is getting very hard to find them.
No news yet on the color pictures for the Spring 1999 release. No one seems to have them yet. But I keep checking and will post them as soon as I can get them. No news yet on the official Krystonia web site. The Limited Edition still has the URL. Precious Arts is saying nothing other than late summer. Check back here for more info.

June 22, 1999
The newest newsletter has just come out. In it Precious Arts has announced a lot of new things. The first is that there will be only one announcement of retired pieces this year. Could it be they are running out of pieces to retire? Check out the retired pieces section to get the listing.
Precious Arts also still has T-shirts and hats for sale. These are the Krystonia ones that came out several years ago and were offered to collectors club members only. If you are interested, you can call them at the numbers listed in the collectors club section of this web site.
Precious Arts has also officially announced that they are putting up there own web site. If you remember I had this story first four months ago. Well, they have now gone public with it. They originally said it would be available middle of summer. Now they are saying late summer or early fall. My guess is around Thanksgiving. The site will be having three parts. One for dealers, one for regular collectors and the last section for Collectors Club members. In the Collectors Club area you will be able to read the Newsletter, see and order special member only items, and be part of special contests just for club members. The dealer only section will be strictly for dealers and will allow them to order stock directly. The regular section will have the newest pieces, retirement news, listing of dealers in your area, as well as being able to join the club, download flyers electronically and ask questions. The site will be at More details to come.
Precious Arts is forming a new Krystonia group. They will be known as the Wizards Council. This group will be comprised of the stores that carry a large Krystonia inventory. A listing of these stores will be in the next newsletter. These select stores will be able to handle all of your Krystonia needs. Not much info is available on this yet, however it sounds like these select hand picked stores will be able to sign you up for the collectors club, sell you the member only pieces, sell you the T-shirts, hats and other accesories, and take care of anything Krystonia related. I will try to get more details out of Precious Arts and post it as it becomes available. Thats it for now.

September 2, 1999
Talked with Dave Woodard twice in the last month. The official site keeps getting postponed. My prediction of Thanksgiving is looking to be right on target for the official launch. Dave also does not know what all the fuss is about with moving the production to China. He states that the artists are the same and the material is the same. They are using the same type of resin, except they went for the lighter more expensive version. Because of the lower production cost and lower material cost, Dave states that they are being able to do more sculpting with the pieces. This is evident with "The Encounter" and the 1999 show event "Tig". Dave says because of this, they can bring us better pieces at a lower cost. Let me know what you think. I have asked Dave to read the comments left in the guest book and in the China section of this site to get the true feeling of what you feel. But, without your comments, Precious Arts will never know what the true Krystonia fan wants to see.

The new fall 1999 pieces have been postponed until late October. Also, the pieces will be in limited supply. The initial shipment from China is almost sold out and should be snapped up by dealers by the middle of October. The next shipment will not arrive until January, 2000. This means that if your local deal runs out, no new stock until late January.

November 14, 1999
Dave and Rueben have been on the road lately trying to drum up business for Krystonia. Dave Woodard has been taking the East coast and Ruben Chandok has been taking the West. Word from them is that the millenium will see some very exciting pieces. One of which is a millenium piece. Not much detail is slipping out but it has to do with a sundial. Also, one of the spring releases will feature a wizard riding a rundown motorcycle. Book 5 is being worked on. don't expect to see it anytime soon though, because rumor is that Pat Chandok read it and was very dissatisfied with it. It is back to rewriting it. Maybe by next fall.
The Official Krystonia website has stalled. Word is that maybe by late January they will get the start of it up and running. They are hoping by then to get the store listing up and also an event listing so that we will know when and where the store events are. Not too encouraging. If they need help, all they have to do is ask. Thats it for now. I will keep you informed as I get the news.
November 21, 1999
A Krystonia Collector has a problem. The older Waterballs from five or six years ago seem to be losing water. There is no leak, but an air bubble has appeared and seems to get a little bigger as time passes. I have noticed this with mine as well. Does anyone have any ideas on this problem. If so, please E-mail me at and I can post your thoughts and/or pass them on to the concerned collectors. Thanks for your help.

January 27, 2000
The new pieces were announced last week. Pictures were available this week. They will not hit stores until April, 2000. They will be available to the Wizard Council stores first. Then orders for the other stores will be filled, as available. Stores that sell Krystonia seem to be getting harder to find. Richter's Music Box in San Fransisco has stopped buying new pieces. There inventory is down to 8 pieces and when gone, that will be all for Krystonia. Also, Collectables Outlet in San Jose, California has not gotten any new pieces for almost a year. They told me they have no plans to bring in any more. They were not made a Wizards Council store and seem to be getting rid of Krystonia also. This leaves two stores in all of Northern California that currently carry Krystonia. And only one of them is a Wizards Council site. Sutter Street Emporeum in Folsom California and a shop in Fresno California. If you know Northern California, it is a pretty big place. I live in the Bay Area and Sutter Street is 3 hours away from me. Folsom is also 3 hours away in the opposite direction. This makes it very difficult to get Krystonia pieces. I have asked Dave Woodard about Internet sales of Krystonia. He is against it. He wants stores that have actual buildings. "Brick and Mortar" as he calls it. I tried to become a Krystonia Internet dealer and was not able to. They seem to be keeping such a close hold on it that they are putting the line under. More and more stores are no longer ordering the line. I have had E-mails from people all over the US and Canada that are saying stores in their area are no longer selling Krystonia. If the official web site ever gets going, we should all E-mail Dave and Rueben and let them know how we feel. If you have opinions on this, please let me know. I can always post them to the web site for others to see.
June 21, 2000
No news from the Krystonia camp. The new pieces are filtering out slowly. The two shops in northern California still do not have them. Limited Edition just got theirs. I got there flyer last week. Another Krystonia collector has a problem. How do you clean Krystonia. One of the more common damages is from smoke. Is there a safe way to clean them? Anyone with a proven idea, E-mail me.
July 17, 2000
The first info on the fall 2000 pieces are coming out. The first to be told was the biggest. The big piece (the third issue in the timeless treasures series) will be BATTLE for KRYSTONIA. It will feature Waldurgan battling Escublar over mountains and trees. It sounds like another great piece. Picture to come. It will be number 4003 and will be limited to 5000 pieces.
July 19th 2000
All the new pieces for the Fall have been release now. Look in the Fall 2000 pieces section for the pictures, prices and description. Only 7 pieces total. Another slow year. There are 2 ornaments for christmas, 3 regular pieces, 1 limited edition piece (timeless treasures series) and 1 more Wizards Council piece. The best part is that no piece is over $100.00 this time, even the Wizards Council piece. This makes them very affordable to everyone. Check them out in the Fall 2000 pieces section. Here is a link Fall 2000. Also, one more retirement announcement this year. Only one piece, Myzer's Barrel.