Krystonia Collector's Archive


What are the rarest pieces? ...but... if I told you that, how would I ever find bargains on pieces on Ebay!? I'd be shooting myself in the foot!

Ok, fine.

In my opinion the rarest pieces are (in no particular order)

- Error variations like the Purple Wodema 1301 or various pieces that had the diamoned shaped krystal put on by mistake. There are only a handful of each of these these because they were factory errors.

- Any of the (many) pre-production pieces that have differences from the full production versions. 1301/1302 Wodema with two krystals, 1011 or 1012 with a Green Graffyn, 1091 N'Borg with pronged staff, etc. They didn't many a lot of these. Anywhere from single digits to MAYBE 100-200 pieces tops.

- 1042 Small Groc. This piece was discotinued after the first year for "reasons (?)". In the early 90's there was a frenzy surrounding this piece once it was discovered "Hey they aren't making it anymore!" and people were charging (and people were actually paying) thousands of dollars for it. I believe they made anywhere beween 200-500 of these.

- 3101 Seated Vena on Mushroom. They changed the mold early on and (supposedly) culled the remaining stock. I don't buy it, Panton never "culled" anything - they stored it away to sell later.

- Show Pieces available only at store events, either to everyone or only to collectors in the club who attended shows. They were painted a different color than normal.

- Pieces that broke very easily during shipping and were discontinued aka "retired" after 1 year (Boll and Faithful Companion come to mind)

- Later years Chinese pieces. They didn't make many (maybe a few hundred) and people weren't buying what there was, other than hardcore collectors. Some of them can be difficult to find, even if they are poor quality. I'm looking at you, Staz and Lookout

- Old Stock Painted Highlights, especially after 2008 or so. I don't see any legitimate value in these things beyond "OMG MUST HAVE ALL THE THINGS", but the fact remains there weren't that many sold so they are pretty hard to find.

- Wizards Council figures - since these were only sold at specific retailers, they were in low supply to begin with.

- Fair Maidens - not as rare as they seem, mostly because they are larger pieces and people want too much money for them. They are fairly easy to find on Ebay and come along from time to time. The trick is getting them for a sane price.

- Lithographs - they made a few hundred of each. They aren't THAT hard to find because pretty much everyone just bought them to store.

- Any of the MISC stuff is difficult to locate (except the calendar, they seemingly made a billion of those).

- Most early paperwork, before they started including it with club newsletters.