Krystonia Collector's Archive

Pre-production pieces

With a couple exceptions, these are all quite rare. Photos of all these can be seen HERE.

Some of these were pictured in the original catalog. My theory is these were the first small batch of figures produced before Panton became involved. They all came in the boxes with the name & number (often incorrect!) stamped on the side.

Some of the changes seem to have been made to prevent obvious breakable areas. Other changes (Wodema, Rueggan) were likely made to lower the price point by reducing the number of krystals. It is unclear why they changed the colors on some pieces.

- 1011 Lg. Graffyn on Grunch Green - Graffyn (changed to blue). Pictured on original flyer.
- 1012 Sm. Graffyn on Grunch Green - Graffyn (changed to purple). NOT pictured in original flyer)
- 1012 Sm. Graffyn on Grunch Yellow - Graffyn (changed to purple or green(?)). NOT pictured in original flyer)
- 1021 Med. Moplos - hands are rotated inward. Pictured on original flyer. Two dots on belt in back.
- 1031 Mos - has a double ring around his tail. Unclear if pictured on original flyer.
Different fur pattern on stomach.
- 1042 Sm. Groc - Pictured on original flyer. I believe this piece was just never made for unknown reasons after the pre-production batch. Dave gave multiple reasons over the years from "looked too similar to the other", "problems with breakages" and "wasn't a good seller". None of these explanations make any real sense if you think about it - there were other pieces with MAJOR breakage issues (1091 etc). Looking too similar - there were many, many other pieces where the pieces looked identical to the other sizes. "Wasn't a good seller" is just baloney - ALL the initial pieces were great sellers. There wouldn't have been enough time elapsed to make that determination anyway. Basically - your guess is as good as mine.
- 1051 Grackene w/2 hair ties + legs, thicker different hair. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1061 Spyke w/weird toes. Pictured on original flyer. I have never seen this for sale, may be the prototype (?)
- 1091 Sm. N'Borg with 3 prong staff - prongs were prone to break. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1092 Lg. N'Borg original staff - no idea why they changed it, maybe they didn't like the look (?) NOT pictured on original flyer.
- 1103 XL Stoope - Discontinued after pre-production because of the neck breaking and made it shorter/thicker. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1201 Lg. Myzer - Blue, changed to brown. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1301 Lg. Wodema - 2 krystals instead of apple. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1302 M. Wodema - 2 krystals instead of apple. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1302 M. Wodema - 1 krystal but painted yellow like a 1301 (since she has an apple, this may just be a painting error, albeit a very cool one).
- 1303 S. Wodema - shirt is blue instead of white. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1501 Trumph - gap between legs. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1601 Med. Turfen - different paint and tiny krystal in hat. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1602 Sm. Turfen - thumbs point outward. Pictured on original flyer.
- 1703 Sm. Rueggan - 2 krystals instead of book. Pictured on original flyer.
Came in both white and gray beards. Excess stock for these (hundreds) were sold later at shows as event-only pieces. They did not have felt.
- 3001 Lg. Krak N'Borg - silver paint, solid piece (base is NOT hollowed out). This isn't a true pre-production as it was a 1988 piece. I am guessing shipping cost on this would have been pretty ridiculous.