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1986 - Krystonia is pitched to Precious Arts/Panton by Beau Dix/Mark Scott. At the time Precious Arts/Panton known for making music boxes and carousel horses. Precious Arts would continue to sell various lines seperately.

1987 - First Krystonia pieces released.  Many pieces altered to make production easier.  

1988 - Some sort of legal battle where Beau Dix loses control of the Krystonia name. Panton takes over.  Mark Scott later works with Panton on the books (?).  

1989 - Waterglobes and Plaques made in Taiwan. They are terrible quality.  Many, many returns.

1990 - Collectors Club started

1991 - First Miniatures

1993 - First Color Variant of production piece sold at events only (Red Tag).  Probably done in response to the accidental Wodema purple variant, which had caused very enthusiastic collector response.  

1994 - First Fair Maiden piece

1994 - First Ornaments

1994 - First "Event Only" piece that was not sold through stores (Big Event)

1995 - First (and only) calendar

1995 - First (and only) lithographs

1997 - First "Event Only" piece with color variant for club members only (Blue Stoopy)

1997 - Final England pieces and "Dragon Babies In Diapers"

1998 - Production Moved to China. 

1999 - Newer waterglobes. Better than 1991 versions, probably different manufacturer?

1999-2000 - Oddly, no variants or color variations offered

2001 - Wizards Council pieces only sold at select stores

2001 - Back to 1 Event Only piece, 1 Event Only color variant (club only) and 1 Event only Production Color Variant

2002 - Switched "Event Only color variant" to "Club Gift - Color Variant". Both were offerered to club members only

2002 - Changed to much smaller scale pieces.

2002 - Switched to different manufacturing material - much more "plasticy"??

2003 - Very few retail stores left selling Krystonia, starts offering pieces for sale via club.  

2005 - Noticable drop in quality of pieces

2006 - Final original pieces sold

2007-2013 - New Old Stock (NOS) sold with gold and silver "paint highlights". Occiasionally sold with non-krystonia pieces from Precious Arts other lines (Tuth-Peck, Mouse and Cheese).  

2013 - Dave Woodward retires and Krystonia is ended.  No notice to club members/newsletters/remaining stores.