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Many thanks to my friends Anita Bradley and James Proctor for their invaluable assistance in putting together photos and piece info!

11/03/19 - Added a bunch of various information from Facebook

10/28/2019 - My work on the site for last year and a half was wiped out by server crash. Reconstructing what I can from various sources.

12/30/17 - Scanned in some new Phargol Horns

12/6/16 - Started taking all new photos from my personal collection. Also contemplating a redesign to make things more accessiable and searchable!

01/14/16 - Added scans of the Collectors Club items: 2007 Steppin Out "Card", 2012 Flyer Page 1, 2012 Flyer Page 2, 2012 Flyer Page 3.

01/13/16 - More redesigns and LOTS of updated photos.

10/11/15 - Complete redesign of site!

10/9/15 - Added initial page for Phargol Horn newsletters.

07/09/14 - Added information about Krystonia Replacement Krystals (aka Krystonia Replacement Crystals).

06/29/14 - General updates of photos and work on cleaning up the checklist. Added more information on "Krystonia Values".

05/24/14 - Started uploading pics of the Chinese Pieces. Tried to make a somewhat complete checklist. There is a serious lack of information out there and nobody really sells Krystonia anymore. The stores I contacted have no catalogs or info.

12/10/2013 - Cleaned up the flyers page. As much as I don't like them, I added some initial info on the Chinese Pieces anyway.
11/30/2013 - Added photo of a oddly painted early Grunch. (Front) (Back) - Note the larger Krystal than usual!
11/29/2013 - Added a bunch of random photos from around the internet: Big Map, Krystonia Scroll, Kazahk, Myzer, Mugrahs, Kitchen.
05/06/2013 - Added photo of Lands Of Krystonia #601, complete with all 18 of the miniatures (only 10 actually fit!)
03/23/2013 - Updated the flyers page with a lot of new info
02/28/2013 - Added photo of the ultra-rare original staff for N'Borg 1092!
02/24/2013 - Updated a bunch of the miniature photos. Added picture of One Unhappfy Ride button. Added some more brochures. I've obtained some really cool items that I will be posting shortly!
11/11/2012 - Rare 1703 Small Rueggan with two krystals instead of a book.
11/08/2012 - Found an old polaroid of me at the South Bend, Indiana show (where they retired the first 3 pieces). I manned the Krystonia booth with Dave and Pat. N'chakk lives! If you look closely at the bottom of the photo you can see a red/purple 2501 Tulan.
11/01/2012 - I ordered a couple copies of the Krystonia books so I can scan in the artwork, and have also located some old Krystonia catalogs that will be scanned in as well. I also added a new page with some photos of various Krystonia Flyers.
10/27/2012 - I've finished locating photos for all the Krystonia pieces. There are a couple buttons I couldn't find an image of, but will eventually. I also split the checklist into pages sorted by year/category and laid it out a bit differently. I eliminated the individual pages for now so the card descriptions aren't there, but those will be added later.